Enterprise Application Development

Your mission-critical tasks demand reliable, efficient and cost-effective processes. Trulydata develops custom enterprise applications for today’s fast-paced corporate environment. Our apps are scalable and can be deployed on multiple platforms across corporate networks, intranets and the Internet.

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Web Application Development

When packaged software won’t do, our custom web apps provide endless options. Tell Trulydata your goals, and we’ll turn them into reality. Our apps are innovative, business-driven and user-focused. We can design them to integrate with your legacy systems, leveraging the power of both the old and new.

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Mobile Application Development

The popularity of mobile apps is exploding! Originally used just for general productivity and information retrieval, today’s apps can do so much more. The experienced developer team at Trulydata can create mobile apps with powerful functionality. They’ll run on smartphones and tablets, whether iOS, Android or Windows.

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Business Intelligence Development

To make the best strategic decisions, you require accurate, timely and meaningful data. But traditional business intelligence tools are often complex.If you’ve been inputting transactions but lack the means to compile and evaluate the information, Trulydata can develop a custom solution. We’ll use that data to create intuitive dashboards.

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Advanced Software for Health Insurers Selling Policies Worldwide

TrulyCare is a comprehensive, end-to-end software platform for companies offering health insurance policies on a global scale. It is designed to help them become more customer-centric while increasing profitability.

Using a modular approach, TrulyCare automates workflow of the entire insurance process, from application submission, through underwriting, to claims processing and adjudication. It also manages tracking of agents and commissions for all types of policies – individual and group.

Every aspect of the business can be fully integrated into this single, unified platform, providing greater efficiency and transparency and simplifying communication between departments, agents and policy holders.

Benefits & Features

> Improves Productivity
> Reduces Costs
> Increases Profits
> Enhances Customer Service
> Shortens Time to Market
> Meets HIPAA Regulations

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