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Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

TrulyCare is a comprehensive, end-to-end software platform for companies offering health insurance policies on a global scale. It is designed to help them become more customer-centric while increasing profitability.

Using a modular approach, TrulyCare automates workflow of the entire insurance process, from application submission, through underwriting, to claims processing and adjudication. It also manages tracking of agents and commissions for all types of policies – individual and group.

Every aspect of the business can be fully integrated into this single, unified platform, providing greater efficiency and transparency and simplifying communication between departments, agents and policy holders.

Integrate All Processes

As a single, all-encompassing solution, TrulyCare software connects providers and agents, accelerating innovation and customer response. It gives insurers flexibility to reach diverse markets and add to their product line. It streamlines front- and back-office processes for reduced administration costs and seamless operation.

TrulyCare enables you to be on top of every lead, every opportunity and every customer interaction. It integrates the following five areas:

Boots Productivity

TrulyCare will allow you to eliminate costly, error-prone manual procedures. It has a highly scalable architecture able to support changing organizational needs. You’ll be able to quickly introduce new products, reimbursement models and benefit interpretations to keep pace with an ever-changing market. Now you can grow your business without concern for technology constraints!

TrulyCare allows you to be proactive in managing risk. It is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, provides support for ICD-10, and includes audit trail and security features. This complete, all-in-one, powerful solution will increase company-wide productivity while helping you to build deeper relationships with your agents and policy holders.


Policy Administration, Billing and Collections – TrulyCare automate the end-to-end policy lifecycle. Using rules-driven decision-making, it accelerates the approval process to convert prospects into policy holders. It computerizes underwriting and policy enrollments, and complements existing accounting programs to facilitate premium collection, billing, reimbursements and more.

Agent Management and Commissions – Drive maximum performance from your agents. TrulyCare provides functionality for calculating agent commissions, overrides and bonuses. It simplifies interaction and communication between the agent and corporate office. Its self-service web portals give agents access to real-time information.

Claim Processing and Adjudication – TrulyCare provides automated adjudication for the full spectrum of healthcare claims. It gets them processed accurately and paid quickly, improving customer satisfaction while realizing significant operational savings.


All financial transactions, from premium invoices and payments, through agent commissions, to claim reimbursements, can be handled through TrulyCare. They’re recorded and transferred to their respective general ledger and sub-layer accounts. Accounts payable and accounts receivable are easily tracked. TrulyCare integrates with all major financial systems such as Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, SAP and Oracle.


Satisfying today’s informed, demanding, and hyper-connected customers is no easy feat. TrulyCare can help with every aspect of the policy holder relationship.

Agents and service representatives get a 360-degree view of customers, including profile, documents, history and more. They can retrieve the information they need to provide real-time support and resolve issues quickly. Also at their disposal are many tried-and-tested tools to help them retain customers, increase loyalty and drive engagement, all while providing a seamless experience across channels.

Business Intelligence

Know your agents, customers and prospects better. Use TrulyCare’s intuitive dashboards and reports to retrieve, analyze and present data. You get important information when you need it and in a form that’s easy to interpret.

Tap into real-time customer and business insights. Make forecasts. Adjust business practices. With the right data at the right time, you’re able to boost your sales pipeline, productivity and profits.

Enterprise Framework & Components

Because TrulyCare is a modular product, it can be customized to your specific needs. Trulydata’s enterprise framework and components is a set of reusable and extensible classes and shared components that provide the foundation of any mission-critical enterprise application. Some of its individual components are:

> Contact Information
> Calendar and Scheduling
> Alerts and Notifications
> Document Management

> Note Management
> Business Rules Engine
> Workflow Tool
> Multi-Company

> Multi-Language
> Multi-Currency
> Security
> Compliance

> Audit Trail

TrulyCare allows you to service your agents and customers, speed time to market for new and custom products, and proactively manage risk and compliance. It is fully scalable, future-proofed for expansion. As your organization grows, the software can be adapted to more users, more customers and more processes.

TrulyCare is a robust, proven, cost-effective software solution for insurance companies marketing its products on a global scale. If you’d like to explore how it can help your organization increase productivity and profits, contact us today.

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